The concept is always the same: extremely easy to instal and replace, no electronics inside with a very low price.


Easy Connection

The Amalgam Separator DDS2011 The Simple One®  have to be connected directly to the tubes of the suction line.

Removing the amalgam is not only environmentally friendly, it also protects your central vacuum lines and prevents amalgam to reach your main system’s expensive filters, avoiding major problems.

Compact Design

Due to its compact design, the Simple One® amalgam separator can be installed at the side of the chair or in a small cabinet space.
Its compact size _ 25,5 cm x 10,2 cm _ makes possible the installation of the device on walls, inside or under cabinets or counters in order to save space. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically based on your needs.

We can also supply multiple sizes of fittings to adapt the separator to the existing vacuum system.


Following our ideals and policy, we always try to respect the environment as much as possible. Based on these guidelines, our amalgam separator can be disposed as recyclable waste.  Being a product for the filtration and collection of amalgam containing mercury, it must be disposed of as special waste in compliance with current regulations. We recommend to contact an environmental consultant who can suggest you the correct way to dispose the device and arrange the recycling.




  • No electronic content.
  • Easy to operate and maintenance free.
  • Funcional for all types of suction systems.
  • Connected directly to the tubes of the suction line.
  • Very low price compared to all the other separators available on the market.
  • ISO 11143:2008 Certified.
  • Prevents buildup of amalgam and other restrictive materials in your pipes and vacuum system.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Isolate which chair you need to have an amalgam separator on and stop filtering prophy paste which clogs a filter designed to trap amalgam.
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive bulk filter system.
  • Self-contained filter to avoid contact with mercury when changing filter.
  • Flexible design for hard-to-fit applications. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Small Footprint saves space (only 25,5 cm x 10,2 cm required).