Media Kit

Camera + video or PC panel?

2 different possibilities that can help you increasing the quality and comfort of your work.

Check the details here below to see which one is the most suitable solution for you

      Composed by:

      - Monitor 24 V, color, 15”, with glass protection - by SIMPLE&SMART Italy
      - Intraoral Camera Sony CCD 1/4, 28 image saved on receiver, auto focus, LED illumination - by SIMPLE&SMART Italy
      - Arms Set for monitor installation - by SIMPLE&SMART Italy

      MONITOR and CAMERA are installed on the dental unit with a special pole set. The camera is connected by cable to a docking station located behind the monitor. 28 images can be saved on a receiver and all of them will be deleted after use. The Endoscope KIT is the PERFECT SOLUTION to show to your patients your work in real time.
      Composed by:

      - Panel PC Installed on the unit, touch screen, wireless mouse and keyboard - by MSI
      - USB Camera Connected on panel PC - by CARESTREAM France
      - Arms Set for monitor installation - by SIMPLE&SMART Italy

      The PANEL PC and CAMERA can installed also separately, but the BEST SOLUTION is when they work together.
      The PC is touch screen and it works as a normal personal computer, with internet connection, RVG system. Endocamera and all management programs can be controlled directly from your operation site. The combination with the camera allows to get and save all images you need.