SS_ONE Standard Configuration

The standard configuration allows you to have a simple, functional and reliable product, at a very competitive cost.

First of all, you can decide if you prefer a Top Mounted or an Hanging type Instrument tray and if you want a dark glass spittoon (which is removable) or a white ceramic basin (not removable). Both of them can rotate.

All our units mount LINAK or T_MOTION motors, ergomotion chair and autoclavable silicone pads.

Check the details here below to see what is included in SS_ONE standard version.



    • 5 instruments: 1 eco 3 way syringe, 1 woodpecker scaler with 5 tips included, 2 optical fibers cordon, 1 cordon without optical fibers. Cordons with midwest connection.
    • Control panel on instrument tray: 3 programmable positions (trendelemburg position), reset position, last working position.
      Light control, programmable basin rinsing control and glass filling control, water boiler activation, x-ray viewer activation and chair movement controls.
    • Assistant tray: 1 of 3 way syringe, double suction cannula (strong and wake suction).
    • Control panel on assistant tray: chair movement controls, reset position, last working position.
      Light control, programmable basin and glass filling control, water boiler activation.
    • Halogen operation lamp with double intensity up to 25.000 lux.
    • Multifunctional pneumatic pedal: Control for instruments activation (even for the electric micromotor), chair movement joystick, water activation switch, basin and glass activation button and chip air button.
    • Double water system: pure water tank and disinfection system tank.
    • Left armrest - right armrest as optional
    • Doctor stool with 3 possible seat and backrest adjustments.
    • Pu leather cushions. (without seams)
    • 1 year warranty (extendible up to 5 years)