5 December 2015

Company Environment

How important is the environment in a company?

From our Blog on LinkedIn
I think that the environment is the most important thing we should start caring about.
‘Environment’ intended both personally-wise, as benefit of people at work for example, as well as globally, concerning nature and future generations.
Nothing new until now, but are we a standing example among others or, at the end of the day we just do what anybody else is doing? Did we take any risks to change our world?

Normally, myself included, it is easier to write, speak or organize huge Environmental Summits (last one in Paris not too long ago) than actually do and act.
I believe that if a company deeply cares about environment, then even the people working for it will start to be more sensitive on this matter.
Working in a natural environment, saving and respecting it 100% should be something within everyone’s reach.
However, the society needs not always allows it.
For example, I can imagine if I should ship a Dental Unit, from Italy to Spain via horse chariot (maybe 100% plastic free): “the unit is ready, you will get it in 45 days if the horse doesn’t die on his way”; “you know? Our company cares for environment 100%!”

but obviously, we need to be more reasonable…through actions that we can actually perform!

The idea of our company is the following, right after a short premise:
We attend to different exhibitions to present our products. Most of them are far away from our company HQ in Italy. And every time we are requested to face the challenge of the creation of a new booth. We normally would love to create a new and eye-catching one that can reflect the image of our company; implementing cutting edge materials, state-of-the-art illuminations, well painted walls…
We should use one booth for each exhibition to save on work, materials, energy, money,..you might say, but the cost of the freight doesn’t help either.

In few words each new stand cost us a lot, and this is translated in an inevitable increase of the cost of our products to our final customers which is added to a crucial damage for the environment.
Do you think this is reasonable?

Well from my point of view it is not. A good stand can be considered a good tool which contributes to give the customer a good impression of the company, but maybe is not the same if you really look behind the scenes.
This said, starting from 2016 we will support a new challenge and philosophy:
We will use the internal, used, wooden cases of our products to build our stands.
The boxes are spacious enough to contain all extra materials needed, allowing us to avoid additional and extra shipments. Illuminations and tables will be created by using the same concept, and finally, floors… we will need to be happy with what we find on site.

Stand cost becomes closer to zero; price to final customer would not increase, and, in addition, we will produce the minimum environmental impact.

Do you know which other benefit we will have?
Well, a better and quality air in our booth.

Our technicians and employers work together to create all stands we will use worldwide; this way, they are inspired to create, realize and differentiate their job by doing something new. This in fact enhances their creativity and this joy is simply transferred in their regular daily work.

We have already experimented all this for an exhibition in Morocco, and we are planning to do the same in Poland… I hope to surprise you on next IDS in Germany!

I hope you can appreciate our new philosophy, also orientated towards global environment safeguard.
Please note that any comments or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Best regards
Simple&Smart CEO