Keep It Simple & Smart

The concept is: innovation; new design to improve the comfort of the patient and the daily practice. Essential electronic components to minimize the assistance need, high performance and easy maintenance.

Extra resistant and still extremely simple to install and use.

Get to the configurator to choose all the features of your dental unit.

Instrument tray and Spittoon

Without additional costs you can choose if you prefer a Top Mounted or Hanging Type version and a ceramic or glass spittoon.

Top Mounted

The instruments tray is composed as follows:
– 1 of 3 ways syringe. Basic model.
– 1 scaler Woodpeker – EMS compatible with 5 tips included,
– 3 cordons (2 with optic fiber, 1 without optic fiber). Cordons are all Midwest type

Hanging Type

The instruments tray is composed as follows:
– 1 of 3 ways syringe. Basic model.
– 1 scaler Woodpeker – EMS compatible with 5 tips included.
– 3 cordons (2 with optic fiber, 1 without optic fiber). Cordons are all Midwest type.

Ceramic Spittoon

The ceramic spittoon has a linear design, it is solid and has the integrated taps for water and glass.
Is not removable for cleaning.

Glass Spittoon

The glass spittoon can be removed for cleaning and it allows to have high hygienical standard.
The dark color is suitable for all colors of the hupholstery.

Standard Configuration _ What is included?

The standard configuration includes:

  • Ergonomic chair.
  • Autoclavable silicone pads.
  • Left arm rest (right armrest as option).
  • 5 instruments: 1 of eco 3-ways syringe, 1 Woodpecker scaler EMS compatible with 5 tips included, 2 optical fibres cordon, 1 cordon without optical fibres. Cordons with midwest connection.
  • Control panel on instrument tray: 3 programmable positions (trendelemburg position + reset position + last working position). Light control, basin control and programmable glass filling control, water boiler activation, x-ray viewer activation. chair movement controls.
  • Assistant tray: 1 of 3-ways syringe, double suction cannula (strong and wake suction) with 2 separated airtight filters.
  • Hot water boiler
  • Rotatable water unit with internal structure in aluminum.
  • Control panel on assistant tray: chair movement controls. Reset position, last working position. Light control, programmable basin control and glass filling control, water boiler activation.
  • LED operation lamp with sensor, intensity up to 30.000 lux.
  • Multifunctional pneumatic pedal: control for instrument activation (even for the electric micromotor), chair movement joystick, water activation switch, basin and glass activation button, chip air button.
  • Disinfection system.
  • Doctor stool in PU leather, with 3 possible seat and backrest adjustments.
  • Pu leather cushions (without seams). High quality PU production process. Antisnatch.
  • 1 year warranty (extendible up to 5 years)
  • Installation available also for left-handed doctors.
  • Linak or T-motion motors.

Ergonomic chair

Comfortable seat for your patients’ relax. Ergo-motion movement for an easier patient positioning.
The standard upholstery is the PU leather, a polyurethane fiber, without seams to allow a perfect disinfection and fast cleaning.

The structure of the backrest is extremely thin, this allows the doctor to get closer to the patient and have a better working position.

Control panel on doctor side

It allows to set 3 programmable position, to control the operation lamp, to program and control the basin rinsing and the glass filling, to activate and deactivate the water boiler and the x-ray viewer, besides the chair movement controls. The R (reset) button allows to place the unit to its initial position; the LP (last position) button raises the patient to the basin for refreshing and get back to the last working position.

Assistant Tray

It includes 1 of 3 ways syringe and double cannula for strong and weak suction. 2 separated airtight filters, one for each suction cannula. The panel controls the unit movement, the lamp, the basin and the glass filling and the water boiler activation. The R (reset) button and the LP (last position).

Rotatable Water Unit

The water unit can rotate to allow the doctor to work even at 3 o’clock and a better positioning of the assistant.
The internal structure of the water unit is made in aluminum.

There is a tank inside the water unit for the disinfection of the water supplying system.

Multifunctional Pedal

It has a joystick for chair movement, control the instruments smooth activation, buttons for cup filling and basin rinse, a button for the chip air and a lever  for activation or deactivation of the water flow to the instruments.



Equipped with sensor for regulation of the intensity. The intensity can reach 30.000 lux.

Easy to clean and with a pleasant design, this lamp is the perfect example of excellent value for money.

Doctor Stool

It has an ergonomic seat with 3 different levers, in order to set the most comfortable working position.
5 wheels and aluminium structure.

About Suction

The unit has a double suction cannula and it is ready to be connected to all kinds of suction pumps. Depending on the system already installed in your clinic, you probably have to install some additional valves.
In this case, please check the following section about the options available.
The Venturi suction system is not included in the unit.

Main Options

Starting from the standard version you can customize the dental unit according to your needs, configuring it with the options you prefer.
Discover all of them and create your ideal unit.


The standard LED lamp is not for you?

Have a look to all the possibilities available, from the basic version to the TOP one made by FARO.



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Syringes, turbines, contrangles, etc… You can choose among a range of high quality handpieces made by leading brands such as TKD ITALIA and W&H AUSTRIA.
Read more to have a detailed list of the handpieces available.


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Electric or Pneumatic micromotors made by TKD Italy. Click on the “Read more” button to see the features of each kind to make the most suitable choice.
The standard configuration includes the Electric one with LED light but you can even install both of them on the same unit!

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Media Kits

Endoscope kit or Supermedia kit. The ideal choice to support the dentists during their work, allowing the patients to follow their work step by step.
Which one is most suitable for you?


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Ultra Fiber Leather

More comfort with seams!
The standard cushions (PU leather) are manufactured without seams as they can be cleaned more easily. On the other hand, the Ultra FIber Leather seat, grants and higher comfort to your patients. 7 different colors available in the standard Fiber Leather range + more than 200 other customized colors.

Pedal made by FARO

If you dont like the multifunctional pedal included into the standard configuration, you can replace it with the foot control made by FARO – Italy. The FARO pedal has got an horizontal control lever that allows to obtain a more gradual and precise control of the rotation speed of the instruments. The water supply to the instruments is regulated by pressing the lever placed at the base of the pedal.

Right Armrest

To grant a more comfortable position to your patients, add the right armrest to your chair.

Extra Stool

It is possible to purchase extra stools for assistants, in addition to the doctor’s one included in the standard configuration.



Standard PU, standard Fiber Leather and more than 200 customized colors. S&S has the widest choice of upholstery you have ever seen!

The Pu standard polyurethane upholstery is available with no additional costs. Seamless for an easier cleaning procedure. With a small additional cost you can select the elegant Fiber Leather upholstery, with seams for an higher comfort. And with a slightly higher additional cost, you have the possibility to choose from more than 200 colors. This kind of upholstery is Fiber Leather with seams. There is no chance not to find your favorite color!


Suction motors, Compressors and Valves

If you need suction motor or compressor, we can supply them to you, as well as any kind of valve to fit the unit to the system you already have in your clinic.

Suction Motors

We have different kinds of motors. The most common ones, we usually provide are those produced by CATTANI but we are developing our ownrange of suction machines. In a short time, all the information about this new line will be availableon the website.

Check out all the details about our suction motors by clicking on the “Read More” button.

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If you need a compressor we can supply you all you need, made by 4-TEK or CATTANI. They can be with or without dryer. Soundproof or not.
All of them are Made in Italy. As well as our own brand new range of compressors.

To have a complete overview on our compressors line, click below on the “Read More” button.

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We have all the valves necessary to adapt our unit to the suction system already installed in your clinic (Humid/wet, Liquid or Dry).
From our DD2011 Amalgam Separator (Made in Usa) installed inside the unit to the CATTANI’s dry air separator.
Those valves are not always necessary, it depends on the regulations in force in each country and the existing system inside the clinic.

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Venturi Suction System

This is a system that allows the suction by using a compressor only. It does not need the installation of a suction motor and it is not normally installed on the dental unit.
If you need it, we must know it at the moment you place your order, to be able to install it inside the dental unit.
This suction system is more weak (suction power is much less), less expensive, it doesn’t need a specific motor, so it is simpler than other systems.
Normally, it is used to reduce the costs inside the clinics.

Spare Parts, Delivery Wooden Crates and Warranty

You can decide to add some other useful options to your order, check the followings that can help you in maintenance, delivery and post sales assistance.

Basic Spare Parts kit

According to our philosophy, we created  a BASIC SPARE PART KIT that allows you to reduce the time for technical intervention, immediately replacing the parts directly in your clinic, without having to wait for days.
We did it because we have our own clinics and we consider the intervention time an important issue.


Complete Spare Parts Kit

The purpose of the COMPLETE SPARE PART KIT is the same as the BASIC KIT + the possibility to have more parts for the annual maintenance and to always have the SILICON PADS and the CONTROL PANELS labels in a perfect condition.

Cleaning Kit

It allows to keep your unit and its internal system always in the best hygienic conditions.
To complete the kit we also Included some spare parts.

Separate Crates

We usually ship each unit in a SINGLE WOODEN CRATE, but, on demand, we can ship the unit into TWO SEPARATED wooden crates, in order to make the delivery to the clinics easier.

Warranty Extention

We grant you one year of standard warranty on our SS_ONE, but, if you want, you can extend the warranty period up to 5 years.


Our dental units are Class IIa medical devices. The EC Certificates and ISO 9001 and 13485 Certificates ensure that our products and procedures are compliant to the regulations in force and to the severe ISO standards. These certifications guarantee the quality of our products and services.