23 - 24 November 2019


Another important appointment for Greek’s dental world; our local dealer MEGADENT  will be present with our dental chairs at Dental Tessaloniki 2019.

Thank s to our distrributor Megadent, which is doing a great job in Greece, our dental units will be exhibited in this important event in Tessaloniki. Dental Tessaloniki  is the greatest exhibition in denrtal field for the Greek market and we are sure it will be a success.

Mr. Stavros and Ms. Mariana  will be there to wellcome visitors and meet doctors, collecting comments and opinions about our dental units, giving also all the information you may need about our products.  Our commitment is to give to the customer the best service possible and choosing solid and professional partners is a primary thing to grant to the final customer and attentive and punctual presence and service. Megadent is the perfect example of what we are lookign for as partners. Thanks to all Nastimed staff for their daily work.

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