EXSS_External Suction System

Our External Suction System has been designed to remove high volume of droplets and aerosols produced  by handpieces and ultrasonic scalers during treatments, significantly reducing the risk of infection keeping the air clean. Its powerful motor grants a perfect suction action and the HEPA 14 filtering system, combined with its UV C light ensure the elimination of Bacteria, Germs and Viruses.

This Suction system is simple, efficient, reliable and certified, with its high quality components  allows you to have a powerful device to take care of the health of your patients and yours.



Main Features

  • Highly REDUCES THE RISK of infections due to inhalation of
    droplets, aerosols, blood residues and dusts that can be vehicle of deseases caused by viruses  and bacteria.
  • ULTRASTRONG SUCTION POWER, highly reliable, with a low noise level, ensure the best performance.
  • AERODYNAMIC DESIGN of the terminal. It ensures: better control of the suction direction, higher suction power, greater patient comfort and avoids  dirty air leaks.
  • MEDICAL GRADE FILTRATION SYSTEM with 3 layers of filtration HEPA system that stop virus and germs till o.3 μm with 99.995% efficiency.
  • MEDICAL GRADE UV LIGHT DISINFECTANT SYSTEM. A built-in medical grade UV light that kills all the virus and germs in the filter.
  • The system has a FILTER LIFE REMINDER that indicates when it is necessary to change the filter (it lasts approximately 1000 hours).
  • It has a PRECISE CONTROL SYSTEM with 10 levels power adjustment by digital display screen. The internal system ensures a precise water/air filtration.
  • Smooth movement of the suction arm
  • Certified and safe, built with high quality materials.


Technical Features

VOLTAGE                                        AC220V/50HZ
POWER                                            1200W
MAXIMUM VOLUME                     3000 l/min
FILTER                                              3 Layers HEPA filtration system
NOISE                                               58 db
NET WEIGHT                                  28 KG
UNIT SIZE                                        275*275*980 mm
GROSS WEIGHT                            30 Kg
PACKING SIZE                                370*360*1000mm

FAQ _What you need to know...

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1 _ How often must the filter be replaced?
Normally after 1000 hours. There is, in any case, a digital indicator that gives signal when the filter is full and should be replaced.
2 _ How much does the replace of the filter cost?
The retail price is 250 euro.
3 _ How does the assistant clean the blood and saliva out from the inside of the evacuation arm? The unit does not allow the evacuation line cleaner through its internal aspiration system during the usual cleaning procedure of the clinic suction system since it is not connected to the main office vacuum line. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned after each use. International Health Organizations require this operation to be done pointly.
This equipment has 10 levels of suction power, in order to clean the unit properly, wipe out the surface by using dedicated atomizing disinfectant on a soft cloth. To clean the inner part of the suction arm, the atomizing disinfectant can be sprayed toward the suction cap cover during the power-on states, or the disinfectant can be sucked into the suction arm to allow the disinfection.
4 _ Does this unit come plug and play?
After plugging in the power, it can be used at once by pressing the control board.
5 _ How and what do I use to clean the tubes that blood and droplets flow threw? Should it be done after every patient?
Our unit is designed for the removal of AGP aerosols in conjunction with the primary HVE vacuum and not in substitution. Desinfection of the suction cup will be enought to keep the machine safe and efficient. Cleaning the suction cap cover by using disinfectant after each patient’s treatment.
6 _ This system can filter 0.3 micron or bigger. The corona virus is 0.1 micron or smaller…how can it be filtered and killed?
A_The viruses are attached to particles or aerosols or any other particles that are bigger than 0.3 micron; if the particles are collected by the filter, than the virus is collected as well.
B_O.3 microns is a standard filtration level established by the regulation, just like the N95 mask, is using the same level to judge the filtration result, N95 can stop 95% of the 0.3 micron particles, the HEPA filtration is grade 14, the filtration result is 99.995% according with European standard EN779-1993. Once inside the filter, the suction power weaken the virus trapped inside the filter.
C_The filter collects particles and viruses and the UV light on the HEPA filter kills the viruses.



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We will send you a proforma invoice, indicating also the delivery times, that should be confirmed and prepaid.

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