Intraoral Camera FULL HD, Hi-Tech device at your service.

Get the best images with our FULL HD intraora camera. Capture video and store it. Turn the camera head angle to get the most confortable working position. This next-generation camera will help you improving your diagnostic work and your comfort during your daily practice. This innovative device will make your job easier. autofocus, gyro mouse built-in, twisting head and adjustable LED brightness are just some of the features of this camera.




General Features

Auto focus – Get clear images with auto focus function into the oral cavity
FHD image – High definition images without distortion
Built-in mouse – Useable as a mouse
Adjustable LED brightness – To avoid image quality loss due to light reflection, you can easily adjust LED brightness
Color impression – Adjusts the color impression on the camera to fit the images to different monitors or screens
280° twist head – Easy to get approach anywhere into the oral cavity thanks to its rotating head
Black & White function – Can take and send analog X-ray film image to PC
Plug & Play – No need of additional drivers to be installed on the device, just connect the camera to the monitor/PC
Easy to use – It is extremely easy to capture the image by using the camera only, without extra devices like foot pedal, etc.
Software compatibility – The camera can be used with most of the dental imaging software (It will need drivers for some of dental imaging software).

Technical Features


Operation voltage                5V
Measurement                       Approx. 202 x 30 x 28 mm
Weight                                   Approx. 53g
Resolution                             FHD (1920 x 1080)
Sensor/Lens type               CMOS
USB cable:

Length Approx.                     3 M
Disposable cover:

Quantity                                Approx. 100 pcs by weight x 2ea
Raw material                        Polyethylene

Minimum System Requirement

PC system:              3.3GHz CPU, 4GB RAM
OS:                            Windows 7 or higher
USB port:                 USB 2.0 or higher

The software is integrated. It allows the patient registration. You can record images and videos, store them in patient folder and modify them in case of need.
You can print your images and videos in few seconds or share them online or with your management system.