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    • LED Eco Lamp - by SIMPLE&SMART - Italy
      Economic Led Lamp with sensor 30.000 lux

      Equipped with sensor for regulation of the intensity that can reach 30.000 lux. Nice design and easy cleaning surface, this lamp is perfect for those doctors who want to have high performances while saving money. A perfect example of excellent value for money.
    • HALOGEN Lamp EDI - by FARO Italy
      Intensity from 8.000 to 25.000 lux

      EDI is a dental light with a state-of-the-art design that perfectly illuminates the oral cavity.
      Its design combines ergonomics with easiness of intervention, with smooth and rounded surfaces for an easy cleaning.
      Quick fixing system of the handles allows an easy and direct assembly after sterilization.

      - Switching control on the head or by proximity sensor
      - Microprocessor assisted fan cooling system
      - Opened Sterilizable or Fixed and Fork handgrip
      - Three-axes rotation system
      - Complete RAL colour range
    • LED Lamp MAIA - by FARO Italy
      Intensity from 8.000 to 35.000 lux

      This LED lamp is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a LED dental operating light with high performances at an affordable price. It has removable and sterilizable handles and a new electronic board for a perfect compatibility with the video acquisition systems and diagnostic tools. Electronic control of the illuminance to adjusts the light from maximum to minimum power without any interruption, keeping the colour temperature constant. Automatic memorization of used light intensity, also after switching off the unit’s power or after the ‘rinse’ function.

      - Switching on/off from the head
      - Electronic lighting adjustment by microprocessor
    • LED Lamp ALYA - by FARO Italy
      Intensity from 5.000 to 50.000 lux

      With ALYA lamp, FARO sets a new reference to state of the art of LED technology, the present and the future of shadowless and uniformity of lighting for dental medical use. Entirely made in Italy with Italian technology, thanks to the ongoing commitment of all the people who works together to provide an excellent product.
      High technology and attractive design make it a perfect synthesis of functionally and aesthetics.
      Suitable for any lighting requirements

      - The most extensive range of lighting solutions to suit all works
      - Ready for use in seconds, even after switch-off
      - Clear and shadow free operating area