Choose your micromotors, which is the best for you?:

Pneumatic motor: Connection is direct to standard cordons, a lower power (20.000 rpm), less torque, simpler than the other kinds, less electronic parts. No light.

Ideal for hygiene or small treatments.

TKD Electric motor: Connection have to be done on a specific cordon and electric board (must be installed by simple&smart), more power 40.000 rpm, more torque. Available with LED light or without light (it is up to you).
Ideal for all kind of treatments.

DUOPAD made by TKD integrated control panel: It controls the electric micromotors rotation, light and reverse mode. It can manage the Endo mode for scaler.
It can control 2 different electric TKD motor at the same time.

DASSYM motor with CONTROL PANEL: The DASSYM micromotor can only be installed in combination with the control panel. The controller allows you to digitally manage one or more DASSYM micromotors. It can control the rotation speed, the reverse function, the torque and the two lights.
Compared to the TKD Duopad, it has the possibility to manage the torque and the double light (a classic LED light present in the micromotors, and a second BLUE light that allows verifying the presence of fillings). The control panel also has 3 customizable programs.

    • PNEUMATIC Micromotor - by TKD Italy
      Without light, 20.000 rpm. Internal spray.
    • ELECTRIC TKD Micromotor - by TKD Italy
      LED Illumination, brushless system, 40.000 rpm.
    • TKD DUOPAD integrated control panel for electrical TKD MICROMOTORS - TKD Italy
      Can be integrated into the main control panel of TOP mounted units or installed at the side of the HANGING type instrument tray.
    • DASSYM motor with CONTROL PANEL - DASSYM Switzerland
      Integrated into the main control panel.