Phosphor Plate Scanner

Imagen Phosphor Plate Scanner is a scanner for reading intraoral phosphor plates (PSP). The plates are used as receptors for radiographies obtained with an X-Ray unit. Once the take is done, the PSP is introduced into the scanner’s slot, which read it and send the image to the PC.
The scanner reads and clears the plates in few seconds, allowing the plate to be reused repeatedly. Under good using conditions, each plate allows to take around 1000 exposures.

Phosphor Plate Scanner is the easier way to get clear and lasting images. Make the move to digital imaging with the most advanced and flexible solution that combines all the advantages of the latest generation technologies for an outstanding diagnostic quality.
The scanner was designed for maximum simplicity: No buttons, just connect the device directly to your computer via USB connection and start to scan.
Once the plate is inserted into the slot, the scanner automatically recognizes the plate’s size and starts to work. Viewer delivers highly precise digital images to any PC in less than 10 seconds.

User-friendly operation
Powerful imaging software
Real resolution 14.3 lp/mm
DICOM network compatibility
Plates erase automatically




Technical Features

Plate sizes                                  0,1,2,3
Plate size identification            Automatic
Reading time                             Less than 10 Sec.
Resolution                                  14,3 lpm
PC connection                           USB2
Weight                                        7 Kg
Power supply                            100/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 24 W
Measures                                   170 x 190 x h300 mm
Sensitivity settings                   Automatic, on the required
dose level
Software                                    ARCHIMED

Minimum System Requirement

Operating System         Windows® 7 (32/64 bit dual core) SP1, Windows® 8 64 bit, Windows® 10
CPU                                 Intel i5-2520M 2.5 GHz or superior
RAM Memory                4 GB or superior
Video memory card    128 MB
Hard disk                       500 GB
USB Port                        2.0
Monitor                          17” or superior
Video PCB                    1024×768 resolution in 65,000 colours (ideally 1280×1024 – 16 million colours, 32 bit)


Deep View® is a dynamic, intuitive software that guides the user through its practical content by rapidly highlighting its essential functions. Deep View® can be used by several medical professionalsat the same time, because the networking system has a capacity of to 10 users at any given time.

Phosphore Plates

With a 100% active surface, rounded corners and  cable-free, S&S phosphor plates are created to grant the comfort of your staff and patient.
Plates come with the exclusive double guard system: the sleeves offer an effective barrier against cross infection and the protective cover, an extra protection that helps to extend the plates life. S&S phosphor plates can be reused hundreds of times and are as easy to use as film.

Available in four sizes, ideal for all clinical uses:
Size 0     31 x 22 mm, 726 x 1024 pixel
Size 1     40 x 24 mm, 792 x 1321 pixel
Size 2     41 x 31 mm, 1024 x 1354 pixel
Size 3     54 x 27 mm, 891 x 1783 pixel