High-definition Digital Images

Practical and productive IMAGEN SENSOR that becomes operative immediately. It captures high-quality images in real time, making X-ray film a thing of the past.
It saves time, thanks to the high-speed data transmission and how easy it connects to your system. It makes dental records easier to manage and prolongs their useful life.
Images can be stored on a PC, saving both space and time. Easy to install, handle and transport. Our intraoral sensor produces perfect, top-quality images with excellent resolution.

The RVG SENSOR is an easy-to-use digital intraoral sensor based on CMOS (Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor) technology, allowing the user to obtain a small pixel size (20 μm), thereby ensuring excellent spatial resolution.

RVG INTRAORAL SENSOR is an image receptor designed to be used together with an X-Ray generator device; the sensor can be used on all patients, regardless of their age and gender.
The device is designed for both the dental and radiology market. It can be used and installed in dedicated facilities (hospitals or clinics) and in residential structures equipped with appropriate shielding systems.

The RVG SENSOR is available in two sizes:
RVG SENSOR size 1, 30 x 20 mm active area
RVG SENSOR size 2, 33 x 25 mm active area


Technical Data

ACTIVE AREA                                   30 x 20 mm (size 1)
33 x 25 mm (size 2)
PIXEL SIZE                                        20 x 20 μm
NUMBER OF PIXEL                         1500 x 1000 (size 1)
1650 x 1250 (size 2)
SPATIAL RESOLUTION                   20 lp/mm typ
DYNAMIC RANGE                            58 dB
SCINTILLATOR TYPE                      Csl
CONNECTION TO PC                     USB 2 (A type) cable 2 mt
SUPPLY VOLTAGE                           5 A DC from USB
FRAME RAT                                      0.7 fps
SATURATION DOSE (@70 Kv)        340 μm
SENSITIVITY                                     15 LSM/μGy
NON UNIFORMITY XRNU             30%
DEGREE OF PROTECTION            Equivalent to IP67

PC Specifications

Sistem Minimum Requirements:

Operating System       Windows® 7 (32/64 bit) SP1, Windows® 8 64 bit, Windows® 10
CPU                                 Intel i5-2520M 2.5 GHz or superior
RAM Memory                4 GB or superior
Hard disk                       500 GB
USB Port                        2.0
Monitor                          17” or superior
Video PCB                    1024×768 resolution in 65,000 colours (ideally 1280×1024 – 16 million colours, 32 bit)


SOFTWARE Archimed®
Archimed® is a dynamic, intuitive software that guides the user through its practical content by rapidly highlighting its essential functions. Archimed® can be used by several medical professionals at the same time, because the networking system has a capacity of to 10 users at any given time.

Key Features

  • Rounded off edges
  • Smooth casing
  • Outstanding cable flexibility
  • Direct connection to personal computer for image acquisition via USB direct connector.
  • Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator layer
  • Available in two formats: standard size 1 and size 2
  • The RVG SENSOR works with Archimed, a specially developed software to capture and manage images.
  • top-quality images with excellent resolution (20 Ip/mm).