Italian Quality

Thanks to a patrnership established with an important Italian Company leader in manufacture of compressors and suction motors, S&S lounched its line of reliable, silent, and qualitatively and technologically advanced suction motors.

Our WET ring motors are continuous drainage surgical suction machines, perfect for dental practices from 1 to 4 work places. Equipped with “inverter” technology, they ensure efficiency in suction and optimization of energy consumption, guaranteeing significant savings on electricity bills.

The experience and quality of Italian manufacturing guarantee a product of great reliability and durability.



The suction motors SMART POWER are available in different versions:

  • SMART POWER_ONE  – Suitable to be connected to 1 dental unit
  • SMART POWER_TWO – suitable for 2 dental units
  • SMART POWER_TWO + INVERTER – Suggested to connect from 1 to 3 dental units

High performances despite its small size, the perfect device to support your daily work.

Technical Features