UPSS _ Upper Surface Spray

UPSS is a compact and handy compressor especially designed for a fast and precise disinfection and sanitization of any type of environment and surface. Built with all Italian and certified components has been produced optimizing the manufacturing operations and materials containing the costs, this allows the distribution of the product at a very advantageous cost.
It is a high efficiency, granted by its extremely resistant pumping unit, and its easy usability makes this device capable of working continuously for many hours without any maintenance.

You can easily adjust the flow, the intensity of the atomization and the quantity of vaporized liquid. The constant spray manages to homogeneously deposit of the sanitizing products on large surfaces. Therefore, it does not require drying.

It can be used anywhere also on electronic equipment, computers, telephones, fabrics, furniture, sanitary ware, etc.
After performing the ordinary cleaning, spray with UPSS, a simple and accurate sanitization and/or disinfection (depending on the product used) which will give you the serenity of living in the working and/or housing environments in total safety.

Main Features

  • Perfect disinfection of all kind of surfaces (electronic equipment, computers, telephones, fabrics, furniture, instruments, dental units, etc).
  • Manufactured only with Italian and TUV certified components.
  • High efficiency and performances. Extremely easy to use thanks to its compact design and 5 meters long spiral wire.
  • low-pressure oillless compressor, equipped with a pressure gun that mahages to spray the chosen disinfectant product with a very low amount of air.
  • Its constant spray homogeneously deposits the sanitizing product on large surfaces.




  • UPSS is and economic compressor that grants a perfect disinfection and sanitization. Built using components from large series productions, this means a quick production, resistant components and a low sales price.
  • Usable with different types of disinfectant liquids. If used with alcoholic solutions, its powerful nebulizing action ensures that the product dries instantly.
  • Built with top quality materials. Despite its small size it is able to work continuously for a long time without any maintenance. UPSS uses the same technology as the compressors for medical use.
  • No waste of chosen sanitizing product because the mixing with air allows a micro nebulization.


Technical Features

Technical Data

VOLTAGE                         AC220V/50HZ
POWER                            0.5 Hp – 0.35 Kw
CILINDERS                      1
AIR INTAKE                     100 l/min
3.5 C.F.M
DELIVERY                       60 l/min Air+Liquid
WORK PRESSURE         2.5 Bar – 36 Psi
PRESSURE                      8 BAR – 114 PSI
PHASE                             SINGLE
REVOLUTION                 2800 Rpm
NOISE                              72 dB
WEIGHT                          8 Kg
DIMENSION                   33 x 15 x 23 cm

Further Info _What you need to know...

FAQ-banners modif.

– When cleaning with chemicals, ensure ventilation of the rooms for about 10 minutes.
– It is recommended, for all cleaning operations with chemicals, to wear disposable gloves and a mask.
– All frequently touched surfaces, such as wall surfaces, doors, windows, toilet and sanitary surfaces must be cleaned and sprayed with particular care.

The following is a detailed diagram according to the different environments:
Sanitary facilities areas: toilet, floors, tiles, taps, push-button panels, toilet drains, dispensers, other objects.
Office area and similar: sanitization of all work surfaces, desks, furniture handles, door handles, tables and counters, seat armrests, light switches, lift push-button panels, intercoms, etc. including push-button panels of any type control device, (pc, printers, copiers, telephones, etc.)
Sanitizing break areas: any appliances, counters, vending machines for drinks or food, etc.
Infirmaries: sanitation of the infirmary areas including wall coverings, door handles and furnishings, armrests seats and beds.

Contaminated environment
– The initial condition provides for the presence of bacteria and viruses within the environment to be treated.
Nebulization intervention
– With the nebulization intervention, huge quantities of micro-particles dispensed with sizes ranging from 30 to 50 microns, exponentially increasing the contact surface and expanding the disinfection effect; reducing consumption of disinfectant to guarantee a perfect and always optimal microbial abatement result.
Decontaminated environment
– The small size of the components of the disinfectant increases the bactericidal and virucidal effect by 1 million times destroying the membranes of bacteria and inhibiting the bacterium itself from regenerating itself. Treatment does not generate the formation of volatile organic compounds and its degradation is greater than 99.99% in a short time (about 10 minutes).

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