5 septiembre 2018

Top Clinics – Top Partnerships

Thanks to the cooperation with our sister company LINEA DIRETTA.  This top clinic in Italy is the example of a perfect sinergy. Linea Diretta takes care of the complete design of this clinic, from the sketches to the installation and the finishes.


Our partnership with Linea Diretta is growing more and more. It is very satisfying to share the results of our hard work.


Sharing posts published on the most important social networks, means an increase in visibility. In fact thanks to the cooperation of our partners we managed to quadruple the number of contacts. So this visibility is an advantage for us but also for our partners and distributors who can increase their visibility as well and improve the image of their companies.

That’s why we believe that this kind of sharing can only bring benefits and we try to involve our distributors in sharing their installations, experiences, advices and feedbacks.



So maybe you are wondering why we manage to have such a great success in Italy? Because S&S and Linea Diretta have the same goals and the same attitude.

Besides our dental units which are simple and reliable we explain to the end customers our phylosophy. A great product that can be suitable for all markets (from those which require high quality to those which need low prices) supported by a great service.

We are fast in replies and deliveries. Our service are efficient and professional in installation and assitance. And above all, we are friendly and open minded.

With these and the same goals and vision we can achieve great results!