30 June 2021

Dental equipment Maintenance and Disinfection

Performing precautionary maintenance and regular disinfection on the dental equipment is an essential part of running a dental practice. If your equipment does not work, you can’t work on patients. Replacing your equipment can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Moreover, the seriousness of losing a customer because your equipment was not working when you needed it can be even greater than the cost of replacing the equipment. Fortunately, it’s easy to maintain your equipment if you follow a few best practices.

Simple&smart has listed a checklist as a reminder of the important tasks needed to maintain your dental equipment.


In addition to performing regular dental equipment cleaning and disinfection, it is very important to keep an emergency kit for last minute dental equipment maintenance. Here are some ideas on what to keep in your kit:

  • Handpiece: lube, cleaner and spare turbines, chucks and bur tools
  • Air compressor: oil and intake valves
  • Vacuum: intake filter, line cleaner, traps and canisters
  • Spare light bulbs: handpieces, curing lights and operatory lights
  • Spare O-rings and gaskets
  • All owner’s manuals and equipment invoices in case of warranty issues

Having these basic self-maintenance items make it easier to perform simple dental equipment repairs, before they become more serious problems. In addition, keeping manuals and invoices in a safe place allows you to easily contact the manufacturer in case of a more serious problem that would require maintenance of the dental equipment.


To make this task a little easier, Simple&Smart offers 2 types of spare part kits. They contain the parts that you need to perform a regular preventive maintenance check and simple repairs.

The purpose of the SPARE PART KIT is the possibility to have more parts for the annual maintenance and to always have the SILICON PADS and the CONTROL PANELS labels in a perfect condition.

Simple&smart’s Complete SPARE PARTS KIT includes:

  • All the electrical boards of the unit (1 main board, 1 transformer, 1 pcb for the water unit, 1assistant tray pcb, 1 instrument tray pcb)
  • 4 exagonal membranes, 2 rectangular membranes
  • 2 suction filters, 1 basin filter, 2 regulationg valves, 2 cordon springs, 1 weak suction handle, 1 strong suction handle, 2 syringe tips, 1 fiber optic cordon, 1 assistant tray label, 1 instrument tray label
  • 1 additional bottle for the disinfection system, set of silicon pads, 1 tap for basin, 1 tap for glass


If you want to know more, you can watch our videos for the maintenance and disinfection of our units on our web site

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