Watch our videos to learn how to properly install your dental unit!

As a technician, you can start here to get all the tips for a correct work and became one of our Simple&Smart specialized technicians.
This is the fastest way, compliant to ISO standards, to obtain your enabling certificate.

After watching all the videos, you have to fill a short test, and you will be ready to join our team.


Keep it clean! Click the video here below and discover the best way to keep your unit clean & sanitized. We explain how to clean the unit surfaces, the internal and suction system.

Use & Maintenance

Do you want to keep your unit in perfect condition for years? Follow our indication and watch our video for a perfect maintenance routine.


The following videos show how to make the ordinary and the extraordinary maintenance.


Are you a dealer, a technician or a doctor and you need assistance or information about our dental units?
Assistance is one of the most important matters for our company.

Discover our innovative way to support you.
Have a look to the points here below and choose which is the best for you!

How we support you

Best support in the shortest time

Writing an e-mail is the best solution to have a complete answer. We have time to analyse and send our reply to you in less than 12 hours.

By calling our direct phone number you will talk directly to us, receiving an immediate reply.

Videos allow us to give you a personalized solution for your problem. Whenever you like, even if you are travelling around the world, you can follow, step by step, the solution we made for you.


Thanks to the cooperation with some of the best shipping companies,
we are able to ship our units all over the world in a fast and safe way.



We can arrange the delivery of the goods to your stock or clinic.


If you prefer, you can also plan the delivery with your personal agent or shipment company.


Training for the installation of our units is something easy, just like watching a video!

Technicians can carry out the training online, by watching the videos on our website or on our YouTube channel.

This is the fastest way to train your technician and proceed with the installation, according to ISO standard.
Don’t waste your time and discover all the possibilities in the points here below.

Video training on our website

A technician, used to install other dental units, will learn easily, as the unit is actually very simple to install.
In case he needs more information, he can get them contacting us or have a direct training in our company.

Training in our company

This kind of training is suitable, for all technicians, but especially for those ones who are less expert,
to get a full knowledge of the S&S units.

This possibility is a bit slower than the previous one, but in a day or two, we can ensure a good imprinting,
even for those technicians who have never seen a dental unit before.