Watch our videos to learn the correct installation procedure and get the SS enabling certificate…

Unpacking, delivery of the unit inside the clinic, installation and connection are the topic of the following video section.
As a technician, you can start here to get all the tips for a correct work and became one of our SS specialized technician.
This is the fastest way, approved by our ISO standard! Once you watch the video, we will supply you some forms to fill, a test to do and in case of positive response…
you will get our enabling certificate!


Keep it clean! Click the video here below and discover the best way to keep the unit clean. We explain how to clean the unit surfaces, the internal system and the suction system.


Do you want to keep your unit in perfect condition for years? Follow our indication and watch our video for a perfect maintenance.


The following videos show how to make the ordinary and the extraordinary maintenance.


Are you a Dealer, a Technician or a Doctor and do you need assistance or information about our dental units? Assistance is one of the most important issue for our company.
Discover our innovative way to support you. Have a look to the points here below and…
Choose the best for you!


If you have many questions and you would like to have a complete answer, writing an e-mail is the best solution. We have time to analyze and send our reply to you in less than 24 hours.

For general information:
For assistance:


Skype is normally used for direct training.
Dealer or technician can get better technical information, saving travel time and unclear phone conversation.
Doctors can increase their knowledge on our products with a direct explanation.

Fix your meeting just writing to our Skype account:


Phone remains the most used way. By calling our direct phone number you will talk directly to us, without any centralized filter.

Telephone: +39 035 0172056


Do you need urgent information? Just use our whatsapp number, we normally reply in few minutes.
It’s also a direct way to send videos and images of the problem/solution.

Whatsapp: +39 340 5872688  


Videos allow us to give you a personalized solution for your problem. Whenever you like, wherever you are around the world, you can follow, step by step, the solution we made for you.

Pdf Report

We make personalized PDF to explain technical drawing of pipes or wires.


We ship all over the world!

If you want to know how, where, timing and more information about our deliveries, please have a look to the following points.

Discover all our possibilities!



We can arrange the delivery of the goods to your stock or clinic.


If you prefer, you can also plan the delivery with your personal agent or shipment company.



Are normally shipped within 12 hours from your confirmation. All our dealers and their technicians should have a spare part KIT in order to avoid waste of time to solve the problem.
As doctor you can decide to buy it even during your SS dental unit purchase, with an advantageous price.


Our standard shipment is around 5 working days. The delivery should be delayed a bit in busy periods or if you order more than 5 units at a time.
Within 15 days we are able to ship any order.
To be sure about the delivery time, you can ask to our staff when you are placing your order.



Always delivered in small carton boxes.


The standard shipment is made in a standard wooden case. The size is 145x115x125 cm. Gross weight 300 Kg.
PLEASE NOTE: this wooden case doesn’t pass through the standard clinics doors. There is no problem if you have a space somewhere else to store the unit before the technician’s arrival to your clinic, otherwise, you should consider the other option indicated here below.


The unit can be packed into two separated wooden cases. This allows to simplify the transport inside the clinic but it has an additional cost. Please ask to our support team before your order.
The size of each case is: 145x65x113


BY CONTAINER (only standard wooden case).

In Europe and extra CE.
We can ship in 20 or 40 feet containers.
In a 20 feet container we can load up to 16 dental units packed in the standard wooden case.
A 40 feet container can contain up to 32 dental units in the standard wooden case.


In Europe.
We can ship from one dental unit to the quantity you like. The 2 separated boxes are available for this kind of shipment.


In Europe and extra CE.
We can ship from one dental unit to the quantity you like. The 2 separated boxes are available for this kind of shipment.
Consider that this kind of shipment has a higher cost in comparison to the others.


In Europe and extra CE. 
We can ship from one dental unit to the quantity you like. The 2 separated boxes are available for this kind of shipment. 
It is not strictly necessary to order an entire container to arrange this kind of shipment, as we can make small groupage.



If you wish to receive the unit directly to your clinic, you have to consider that it is better if the technician is there when the unit arrives. However it is quite complicated to fix a precise delivery time for international deliveries, therefore, we suggest you to find another space where you can stock the unit before the installation.


This is our suggestion to avoid waste of time. In this way, you can stock the unit and make the installation when technician is available. Shipment companies, as mentioned above, are not always on time.

How Much?

The cost depends on the destination country, and the shipping method you choose. Sometimes the cost variations also depend on when the shipment is made during the year.

To be sure about that, always ask a quotation to our staff.
As average, we can say that a standard shipment in Europe costs from 200 to 300 euro.

Costs decrease if the quantity increases.


Training for the installation of our units is something easy…

Considering the simplicity of our units and our ISO standards, technicians can make training also by watching our web videos.
A faster way to train your technician and proceed with the installation, according to CE standard.
After training, we release the SIMPLE&SMART technical certificate that enables the technician to the installation of SS dental units.

Don’t waste your time and discover all the possibilities in the points here below!

Skype training

Your technician can follow a training by Skype, directly connected to our technical department. Before doing so, we suggest you to watch our videos contained into the installation section. In this way, we can reduce the training time and avoid waste of time and money to arrange live meeting, especially for those of you that live in countries far from Italy.

This training way, can be suitable also for any possible update in case of product modification.

Video training on our website

Our web videos are the fastest way to get the enabling certificate that enables you to install our dental units. Our ISO system has approved this way to simplify the learning process.
A technician, used to install other dental units, will learn easily, as the unit is actually very simple to install. In case he needs more information, he can get them by Skype or have a direct training in our company.

Training in our company

This kind of training is suitable, for all technicians, but especially for those ones who are less expert, to get a full knowledge of the SS units. This possibility is a bit slower than the previous ones, but in a day or two, we can ensure a good imprinting, even for those technicians who have never seen a dental unit before.