Our History

Simple & Smart is the result of the idea of few Italian dentists, who were tired to pay large sums to purchase more and more complex and technological dental units. These units, definitely excellent in quality, have however two aspects that conflict with our vision: they are expensive to purchase and maintain, also having problems which are not easy to identify, due to the high level of technology contained into the unit. From these considerations rose the necessity and the idea, of making units which are simpler in technological content, with less electronics, which therefore means a reduction in purchase and maintenance costs.

After having achieved remarkable results in Italy, in 2015 we decided to turn our attention toward international markets that, in few years, confirmed us the great success of this idea.

Our goal, for the incoming years, is to go on developing products in this light, trying to meet, more and more, the needs of international markets such as the European, the Asian, the African and hopefully soon also the American one.

Care about the Enviroment

One of our key thoughts is also the respect and the intelligent exploitation of the environment. That’s why we care of using much recycled material as possible, both in terms of the cartons used for packaging, and the structure of the stands we prepare for the international exhibitions we attend.

We love to make our philosophy a way of living. 

Headquarters surrounded by the Nature

We believe that, in order to work well and put all the passion possible in what we do, it is important to work in a pleasant and comfortable place. We like to look out of the window and see a priceless view, we’d rather feeling a little like being at home and share this experience with our guests.

We are what we do! Simple and Smart



Our aim is to bring a new concept of dental unit in this field, something different. According to our experience, doctors need to have a functional, pleasant and reliable product while, possibly, saving some money… this is exactly what we do. Our message is: Why spend a lot of money to purchase something you don’t need!

Spend more does not always mean have more. We reduce what is useless and improve what is necessary. Simplicity is what makes us different, in our product and in our behavior. We like to be concrete and professional, in our work and also in relationships with our Customers, Suppliers and co-workers.


Simple&Smart is a young Company, the average age of our team is 34 years. Thanks to this particularly young, but also expert team, we are able to guarantee to our Customers an innovative approach in all the aspects of our work.

We firmly believe that we can combine seriousness and professionalism, competence and reliability to the joy of living and enjoy special moments together, creating a pleasant environment, both for employees and for Customers who come to visit us. This is what makes us special!

Simple&Smart CEO

Cris Noris

I’m the CEO and founder of Simple&Smart. Despite my young age, I have started to develop dental units since 2008. The passion for this job inspired me to work on a winning idea. I think that, the fact of developing a product that can maintain excellent quality standards, while containing costs, is what the market in our field needed.

Business Strategy Manager


Web Marketing Supervisor


Chief Administrative Officer


Chief I.T. Officer


Export & Sales and Logistics Manager


I am the Export and Sales manager. I was immediately won over by the different idea of business that reigns in Simple&Smart, where the work is first of all a pleasure and not only a duty, the environment is challenging but also familiar and all this is reflected in the activity of the Company.

Quality Control Manager


I’m Stefano and I’ve chosen to be part of the Simple&Smart team because the young and unconventional environment has allowed me to feel immediately a key part in this project. I am the responsible of the technical and support department and I take care of the quality control. The Customer satisfaction is for us a necessary condition.

Dental Units Logistics Supervisor


Spare Parts Logistics Supervisor


Technician - Assistant Warehouse Control Manager


Technician for Customization


Marketing Manager


I am a person who love to face and experience new adventures. I travelled all around the world and, back to my home town I had the great opportunity to become a member of Simple&Smart’s staff. The company is growing fast, it’s a dynamic environment and the people are young and open minded. I am very proud of being a part of this team. In my daily work I am in charge with Marketing Development. My task is to increase the corporate market through the development of marketing strategies, establish new partnerships and let grow the exhisting ones.


The production process is the heart of our company and, for this reason, we carefully follow and control each step: from the choice of materials, paints and components to the assembly and the final control.

Each unit, in fact, is subject to a meticulous control carried out by our specialized technicians, both during assembly and in the final check before shipment.

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards ensure that these processes are actually carried out and respected, in order to supply to our customers a quality product.

Customer feedbacks and requested improvements are our basis for a steady development, oriented to satisfy the end customers’ needs. A constant feature remains the internal simplicity, in order to obtain a more reliable product, which requires less care.

We also have a special TEAM that can customize a unit according to our customers’ special requests, outside the standard production process. It is therefore possible to realize changes upon request, in order to adjust ergonomic or functional aspects according to the customer needs.


Fast spare parts delivery

All the spare parts are ready to be delivered and can be shipped within 12 hours from the reception of your request.


Always ready to satisfy your requests

To be able to grant fast deliveries, we always have in stock several units, in large part, already assembled and ready to be configured according to our Customers requirements.


Fast final assembly

All the necessary parts and options are available in stock, this way, we can complete the assembly and arrange the delivery in a few days.


Ready to support you

Celerity, in deliveries and in replies to any request of information and assistance, is one of our strengths.