The concept is: flexibility

this chair has different personalities; it is perfect for Dental Surgery, Microsurgery, Podiatry, and many others uses.

Instrument cart

always at your side

The independent instrument cart allows you to have all the instruments you need for the intervention always at your side.
The cart can follow your movements easily leaving you all the necessary space in your operating area.

The instrument cart is equipped with
• five cordon modules on doctor tray: 1 syringe, 1 scaler and 3 cordons midwest type.
• intuitive and simple control panel
• x-ray viewer
• pure water supply system

Operating lamps

lights on

Lighting is a fundamental part of a surgery room. Based on your needs, you can decide
which type of lighting best suits your needs and decide the best way to install the lamp you
prefer, to ensure maximum flexibility and maximum comfort during the operating phase.

No color limits

did you say Aqua Green?

Just think about a color, we are sure you can find it in our range of customized colors.
With a slightly higher additional cost, you have the possibility to choose from more than 300 colors.
This kind of upholstery is Fiber Leather with seams.

Do not set limits to your imagination, you can make your clinic unique.
Impossible not to find your favourite color!


All the comfort that you need

The stand-alone version has been designed starting from the SS_ONE base, that means
same comfort, same reliability and same design.

The seat and the backrest have been created to fit perfectly to the knees of the
dentist and allow the professional to get closer to the patient and reach a perfect and
comfortable working position, while keeping the comfort for the patient.
The flat shape of the chair base grants a wider movement of the seat.

It has been designed to be thin and it allows the chair to reach a lower position,
improving the comfort and the efficiency of your work.


Change color & see how STAND ALONE looks like