28 May 2019



The first months of the year were very busy for the company, full of commitments and meetings but also very satisfying.

The first part of the year ended very positively due to the events, our new collaborations and products development. However, let us analyze each step…

The IDS’ expo in Cologne was a success for the Company. Two months have passed since the event and we can already see results. We were able to reach several new markets, establishing important collaborations for example Norway, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, Moldova and Oman. New collaborations are taking shape these days and we feel honored for the interest and the appreciation that we encounter every day.

After IDS, in addition to our new collaborations, we have developed some innovations that will be soon introduce to our Units. Some were already been presented at Expodental, the most important Italian trade fair, which was held in Rimini on the 16th– 18th of May.

We also attended and supported our distributors in different expos: Algiers and Oran (Algeria), Monastir (Tunisia), Casablanca (Morocco) and in Sofia (Bulgaria). These exhibitions have given us a lot of satisfaction in helping to make our brand and our philosophy better known.

The most recent event was Expodental in Rimini.

Simple&Smart’s staff with our partner distributor Linea Diretta did a great job setting up a magnificent stand. Some of our most recent and significant innovations have been shown and presented. The new intraoral camera inserted in the media kit stands out, combined with the 17 “monitor or the new FARO ceiling lamp with integrated G.COMM camera that allows the operator to show the patient the work in real time. The pendent cord instruments quiver and the independent trolley can now be set-up with the BIEN-AIR micro motor, controlled and managed by IPad. The pendent cord instruments quiver and the independent trolley can now be set-up with the BIEN-AIR micro motor, controlled and managed by IPad.


Another news is the possibility to further customizing the upholstery of the chair; currently we have more than 200 colors available but is not enough! We believe that it is very important for the customer to have the possibility to customize their own unit, according to their needs and taste. Today it is possible to do so using the printing you prefer or maybe adding the logo of your clinic on the fabric.

In collaboration with Linea Diretta we developed a new concept of “first visit”, studying and setting up a dedicated workstation, where attention is focused on the patient’s point of view.

If you are curious to find out our latest innovations don’t hesitate to watch our YouTube video from Rimini: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0m8ScgDO8s&feature=youtu.be if you need more information please contact us at info@simplesmart.it

More news coming soon! If you do not want to miss them please check our news section and the section dedicated to the products, all the new options will be published soon!