19 November 2018

Dental Chairs for sales on Black Friday

Black Friday’s week has begun, who is succeeding?

The whole world is getting ready to do big deals, everybody is looking for the occasion of the day and this year, Simple & Smart’s distributors are responding to the call as well! Some of our partners did not miss the opportunity to make a special promotion on this particular day.

Linea Diretta our distributor in Italy, for example, has prepared a catchy promotion, to be launched not only through social networks but also through Infodent, one of the most important and widespread specialist magazines, obtaining already great feedback. Nastimed in Romania instead focused their promotion for social media audience.

Black Friday Promotion - Offerta Black Friday - promotion du Black Friday - promoción Black Friday

Why this choice? A great marketing idea that allowed them to have great visibility and get a great return in terms of contacts and sales. Sometimes it takes very little to capture the interest of the public and in this case, Linea Diretta and Nastimed hit the target! Great job guys!

The sharing of black Friday promotions, or in general of all the social campaigns, made between our web pages and those of our distributors leads to greater and mutual visibility.

If you are one of our distributors do it too!

Have you thought about an offer for this Friday? Let us know! We will share your promotion on our social networks to give you more visibility!