13 May 2021

Compressor and Suction machine for your clinic

You don’t know which machinery to choose? We are here to advise you on the best!


First of all, a compressor is projected to work with a specific maximum number of dental units.

We suggest using a specific dental compressor that has an insulated internal chamber of the tank and therefore avoids the accumulation of rust which is very harmful to the instruments (turbines, micromotors, etc.).
In fact, the biggest problem in the compressor is the formation of condensation which causes both humid air and the formation of impurities.

Consequently, using a machine that also has a dryer reduces both the formation of condensation and the accumulation of water inside the chamber.

Soundproofing should also be considered, in case you decide to place the machine in areas where it can disturb.

If you are still using an air suction system, then without the aid of a dedicated suction motor (Venturi system), we recommend using a more powerful compressor because it must make also the suction system works. In this case, a compressor made to be connected to two “normal” dental units, will be connected to just one dental unit with a Venturi system. Or a compressor can be connected to four dental units without this kind of suction, can also be connected to two dental units with this system.


We recommend connecting maximum two dental units for each compressor.

A Practical example:
If you have a clinic with four dental units, every one of them connects to the same compressor, and the compressor has a malfunction, all of the dental units became useless.
If you have four dental units and two compressors (two dental units per compressor) and you have a malfunction to a compressor, you can work with the others two dental units.


First of all, remember that there are three types of suction: liquid/water, wet and dry.

-Liquid/Water: the big difference is that it needs, in addition to the power supply, a constant water supply, so it generates a big waste of water. We don’t recommend this solution as it’s a version used when the new version (wet suction) did not exist yet.
Instead of this type of suction, we recommend the modern version as below.

-Wet suction: It works like the liquid suction system, in terms of that he doesn’t need any water/air valve between the suction and the dental unit. But it doesn’t need a water supply. So, it is the best and recommended solution: it is innovative and the latest. Unfortunately, it cannot always be installed, in fact, there are some cases in which it is necessary to use a dry suction system. We see the cases below.

-Dry suction: This system, even if it requires an air/water separator, it is many times ideal because it allows the installation on an upper floor where the dental unit is located but, most important, when you don’t have a drain near the suction motor.


We highly recommend, if possible, installing a wet suction system. It doesn’t need a water supply. If you can’t, we recommend installing a dry suction system.


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