3 April 2019

Dentex 2019 – Algiers

A special thank to ISMO Dental for their great job at DENTEX 2019!

From 20th to 23rd March 2019, took place in Algiers the Exhibition Dentex 2019 – 4eme SALON INTERNATIONAL DU SECTEUR DENTAIRE EN ALGÉRIE. Our local distributor ISMO DENTAL INDUSTRYS SARL was present there witha big stand and welcomed as guest our Export Manager, Mr. Michele Moroni.

We would like to thank our partner, especially MOUSTAFA and ISMAIL for the great results they acieved during the event and also during this years of partnership.

Michele also would like to thank them personally with these few words:

” It’s been a great pleasure being in Algeria for the 4th dentex exhibition. it is incredible to see how young is the new generation of dentist and how fast is growing the dental sector in Algeria.

The welcome given by our distributor, ISMO DENTAL INDUSTRY has been very warm, and beside the business, thanks to our friendship, I was able to immerse myself into the Algerian culture. I am glad of being able to share with them this experience.

See you next year for another successful exhibition!”



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