28 August 2020

Effects of the Lockdown on the Dental Industry

What are the consequences of this pandemic not yet under control and the lockdown put in place by the authorities to limit its spread? What were the effects on our sector and what were the measures adopted by the operators to deal with the crisis generated by the spread of Covid19?

In this article we want to deal with the post lockdown situation in dental market, safety in dental clinics and the new anti-bacterial prevention products on the market.

Despite the tremendous lockdown effect on the business, in this period, fortunately, the distribution system has been able to count on a strong increase in sales of personal protective equipment, disposable products, hygiene and disinfection.

However the emergency is not over, as at least a couple of quarters of growth are needed to ensure that the European economy recovers the huge losses of the past months. There are also problems that cannot be easily and immediately solved such as the employment crisis, the dynamics of which have been altered by measures such as layoffs and the blocking of layoffs until December. Despite this, the Dental market would appear to be fairly stable although still recovering.

In the fall, the issue to be confronted could be how to consolidate the recovery, not how to stop the economic downfalls.



The investigation conducted by Key-Stone, through their project Dentalmonitor, shows that patients trust the anti-contagion protocols adopted and return with confidence to their dentist to resume interrupted treatments. However, the dentist already know prevention measures because they were applied even before Covid-19. Dentistry has always been mostly safe, but the precautions today are increased even more, such as: telephone triage for the appointment, evaluation of the patient before accessing the clinic, protective devices provided to the patients and healthcare personnel.

Our Company, simple&smart SRL, has released on the market two different products for the contagion prevention from Covid-19.

EXSS, Extra Oral Suction System and UPSS Upper Surfacing Spray.  They are both two valid products that can be used in Dental Clinics for the elimination of bacteria and viruses during and after dental services.

Going to the dentist is therefore safe and it is important to continuously undergo the checks and procedures necessary for oral health with confidence.



We remain confident for the next few months, trusting in positivity and a serene collaboration between professionals and patients.

Simple&smart is always at your disposal for information on products, procedures and advice on the necessary equipment after lockdown. For a quick introduction to our catalog, visit the “Products” section or, if you need more detailed information, write to info@simplesmart.it

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