14 April 2020

EXSS – External Suction System

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING YOUR HEALTH DURING EVERY INTERVENTION? Simple&Smart thought about it, giving a solution to our partners with our new product EXSS External suction system.

The health of people is the most important thing to protect, we can see it very well in this particularly difficult period. In light of what’s going on in these months, we wondered how it is possible to avoid the possibility of infections due to viruses or bacteria during daily practice in dental practices in the most effective way.

Our answer to this question is EXSS _ External Suction System, a product that we are going to launch on the market soon. It is an independent suction system that guarantees the elimination of a large quantity of droplets and aerosols that are generated during the use of turbines, handpieces and scalers, which can be an important vehicle for the transmission of infections.

The page dedicated to this new product, which is already arousing some curiosity in operators, will soon be available in the “products” section.Check our social pages to keep up to date on the news about it and if you want to receive information contact us at info@simplesmart.it, our staff will answer you in a very short time by sending you all the information you need.

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH AND COMFORT OF YOUR PATIENTS, Simple&Smart’s EXSS – External Suction System will be a valuable tool in your practice.