24 April 2018

Installation dental units Germany|Simple&Smart Simple-Econimc-Reliable

Installation Germany. We want to thanks Dr. Birgit Harder for purchasing our dental units! So PRAXIS FÜR ZAHNHEILKUNDE is now equipped with SS_ONE dental units.

We are very proud of this installation and the final satisfaction of our Customer.

An Italian company that aims to make units simpler, easy to install and to repair. Always looking for the best solution in order to reduce the costs and provide the best compromise between efficiency and price to our final customers. We reduce what is useless and we improve what is necessary.
The original idea of the founder, who is a dentist, was in fact to develop a different way of working. Create a new era where the new and modern designs of the units go hand in hand with a unit which is easy to use, efficient, cheaper and the less problematic as possible during the daily work.