15 May 2024



Here in simple&smart, we developed a new dental chair model. We implemented the Left&Right function on the Italo model. What it means: The water unit of the dental chair can be turned from one side to the other in a few minutes without using any tools!

Features of Italo Left&Right

The features of this new model are the same as the Italo model: same internal system and functionality of the instrument tray. It can be configured with the same options of the base model, lamps, micromotor, and all the options you can find on our website.

How to rotate the water unit

We made a video to show you the procedure to move the instruments from the right side to the left side.

Other dental chairs with Left&Right system

The Left&Right system will be available also on Kiss in a few months, we are developing it!

But now, already available there are the Italo Swing and the Italo Ortho. These two models are very similar but the second one is a specific model for orthodontics.

We will talk about them in the next article!

The video

You can also take a look at our presentation video to learn more about the Italo Left&Right

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For everything you can contact us at info@simplesmart.it

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Thank you all! Be simple, be smart!

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