28 June 2019


Why Simple&Smart is having a big success in North Africa?

Some North African countries are proving to be excellent markets for our Company. Thanks to the collaboration established, with some excellent local partners some years ago, the distribution of our units in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt is constantly growing. However, what exactly are the reasons for this growth, what is the difference compared to other markets?

The recipe for success is sometimes very simple:

– Our partners in North Africa have shown themselves a high willing to follow our instructions, to listen to our advice, to concretize the ideas we provided and to share the sales style to convey our thoughts and our philosophy to the final customer.

– They fully understood our input in sharing and posting, on social networks, the information, feedback, images and experiences lived during the events in which they participate.

– The North African countries have a large followers’ network about their business activities. Our distributors understood the importance of addressing directly their interest, obtaining a great response. The final customer in these Countries is on average very young; the doctors start early their companies, demonstrating open-mindedness and interest in innovation. The North African market, thanks to these new generations, has a truly high potential and is showing great growth to Western news and trends.

In addition to these important points of view, we would like to specify that, our Company base the working relationship on trust and mutual esteem. The continuous exchange of information, ideas and setting the same goals elaborate a great stimulus and give rise to mutual growth. In North African and Middle Eastern Countries, beside the practical and work-related relationship, we first establish a friendly relationship, just how we like it!

With our support and assistance, our distributors in Algeria and Tunisia, for example, have managed to achieve remarkable successes during the local trade fairs held between March and May of this year. The constant training and support guaranteed by S&S, allow our partners to fully understand our philosophy and therefore to be able to pass it on to final customers. We are sure that our partners will give us other great satisfactions!

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