17 October 2019

STRESSED AT WORK? A smile will save you! A peaceful environment is the key of success.


A nice work environment, a worm company atmosphere and good relationships with colleagues are fundamental aspects to motivate people in pursuing business objectives.

The working environment, as we know, normally causes anxiety, agitation, frustration, stress. The fault falls on the deadlines to meet, the contrasts and the competitions between colleagues, the pressures of the bosses, but also the bad work organization.

Sometimes the worker feels incapable and inadequate in the face of requests coming from the working context with consequent negative effects on his psychophysical sphere, and often on the quality of his work. The employer has to maintaining a peaceful working environment for both physical integrity and moral personality of the workers and for an efficient business productivity.

The role of leaders becomes central for building a good working atmosphere. From their communication skills and decisions makers it depends the satisfaction of the individual employees and their involvement in the success of the organization.

The first element necessary to create an open and collaborative climate is an effective communication: which it allows ensuring a continuous exchange of information between collaborators and or the employer.

Creating a fun and stimulating working environment, where people are happy to go to the office every morning, is convenient for both the professional and the people who work for him.

A relaxed and serene climate helps to reduce stress, to work better and to produce more. A joke or a smile can have very powerful effects in reducing anxiety bringing physical well-being.

A positive climate therefore motivates people, increasing Company productivity!

It is also very important try to build social relationships that can be extended beyond the working context, thus helping to strengthen mutual esteem and trust by forming a real corporate community.

In Simple&Smart we try to apply these principles as much as possible, meetings are frequent and everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion by feeling an integral part of the organization. We try to maintain a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, very friendly which makes it easier to transfer this positivity into everyday work.

On the page dedicated to the Company we have tried to transfer our thoughts to those who approach the reality of Simple&Smart. The nice thing is that they are not just words but a beautiful reality within this group.