22 November 2021

How to create the perfect SURGERY ROOM?

The SURGERY ROOM is a space where all the tools must be at hand and the operating space must be as large as possible. Everything must be easily accessible and usable during the intervention phase without interruptions.

Are you looking for instruments for your surgery room? Or do you want to find only some products for a first visit room? We have studied an optimal solution to organize the SURGERY ROOM or FIRST VISIT ROOM. Choose your ideal configuration, compose your room as you wish!

First of all, choose the Stand Alone you prefer!

Our models ONE and KISS both grant you comfort during the work.

The particular ergonomics of the SS_KISS allows the doctor to work in a more suitable position. Working in 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position will be easier. The structure of the backrest is in metal and it is very thin, in this way the doctor can get closer to the patient and have a better working position. The design of the chair base grants a wide movement of the seat that can reach a lower position.

Working in 12 o’clock position will be easier with the SS_ONE dental chair. The seat and the backrest have been designed to fit perfectly to the knees of the dentist and allow the professional to get closer to the patient and reach a perfect and comfortable working position. The chair base is flat, its design grants a wider movement of the seat. It is thin and allows the chair to reach a lower position.

Instrument cart

Our instrument cart can be connected to a dental unit or to another source.

It follows your movements and gives you all the space and all the mobility you need.

Suction system

What suction system do you prefer for your surgery room? Take a look at our solution!

We have suction carts, suction system built-in carts with its suction cannula, made by Cattani (Italy); cannula modules you can mount on the side of your instrument cart or whatever you want, made by Cattani (Italy); Or the standard dental unit: a chair with its water unit with suction cannulas, spittoon, and cup filling.


Lighting is a fundamental part of a surgery room. There are many different solutions, from the classic ceiling-mounted surgical lamp as those usually installed in hospitals surgery rooms, to smaller and more manageable operating lamps, but equally efficient and functional mounted in dental surgeries.

Based on your needs, you can decide which type of lighting best suits your needs and decide the best way to install the lamp you prefer, to ensure maximum flexibility and maximum comfort during the operating phase.

You can find the standard Pebble Led Lamp, but also FARO Lamps or G.COMM lamps.

Micromotors and Handpieces

Pneumatic or electric micromotors, turbines, scalers, syringes, curing lights, and more!

About micromotors we have three solutions:

. TKD electric micromotor.

. TKD micromotor with DUOPAD controller.

. Dassym micromotor with its controller.

On our dental unit (or cart) you can mount one or more of them!


We also have micromotor units for implantology made by W&H (Austria/Italia).

The main advantages are:

Optimize costs: a single micromotor unit can be used on different workstations.

Greater possibility of movement: as mentioned in the previous point, the micromotor units can be moved among all workstations in a clinic.

Better performance: it is not a micromotor mounted on a dental unit, it is designed for its own purpose.