11 September 2019

WE POLLUTE, AND YOU? Take care of the environment!

How do new generations deal with environmental sensitivity? What people do to take care of the environment?

It is unbeliavable to think that in that beautiful sea where we spend happy summers, in that beautiful sea in front of which we get excited watching a sunset, in that sea from which arrive the delicious fish that we eat for dinner, more than 700 tons of plastic end up every day. A quantity that if you try to imagine it, you cannot do it. The world is suffocating, gasping, being strangled every day by tons of plastic, by the waste that ends up in the sea, by bad decisions.

The most alarming thing, probably, is that not every citizens feel the same responsibility. People let slip this problem off their backs, they dodge it as if it were not his own stuff, they avoid it as if it didn’t concern anyone on this planet. Perhaps not everyone knows that the world we live in is a pathogenic world, that in most cases air, water and food are polluted, which for most of the population, nutrition is unbalanced and poor in substances nutritionally essential, that the foods we eat, the clothes we wear have micro plastics. How does a situation like this not affect everyone? How this situation cannot alarm every person that exist, live and move in this world?

At Simple&Smart we pollute like everyone else, both as a company and as individuals. We are aware of this problem and so, for the same reason, we are trying to reduce our impact, at least where we can. We try to use biodegradable materials such as paper cups instead of plastic, we try to use packaging materials that can be recycled or reused, in some cases, we use the wooden shipping crates to make our exhibition stands (low cost, low impact on the environment. In the news section we have included some images of the event IDS 2019 for which we have created a stand almost entirely composed of recycled packing crates), we try not to wastewater, we sort recycling waste, we reduce paper prints to a minimum…

Small precautions with a big purpose: TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT.

You too, like us, try to avoid, reduce or even eliminate pollution where you can!

For a better world, for our future!