26 August 2021

S&S_ Radiology devices

Take a look at our ‘simple to use’ radiology devices!

Are you looking for some new radiology devices for your clinic? We have the solution you need!

Simple&smart devices are made to simplify the imaging acquire process. We have four types of devices:


We have two types X-ray units:

X-70 AC, a low-frequency radiographer working with Alternative Current
X-70 DC, a high-frequency radiographer working with Direct Current

Both of these models are available wall-mounted or on the cart. The length of the arm, in the wall-mounted version, can be 60 or 80 cm.

Something about the X-70 AC: It has an aluminum filter that improves the beam quality and reduces the radiation dose received by the patient and it, also, has an alarm triggered by wrong operations. The exposure time can be set automatically or manually (from 60 ms to 2 s).
Something about the X-70 DC: The DC radiographer allows radiation stability eliminating rays that do not produce images but can be harmful to the patient. The exposure time can set automatically and its range goes from 1 ms to 2 s.


It captures high-definition imagines in real-time thanks to the CMOS technology: forget the old X-ray films!
Acquired imagines can be stored on a PC; this saving much time. It is also easy to install, handle and transport.
It is designed for the dental and radiology market. It works with Archimed software.

The sensor is available in two sizes:
-Size 1: 30 x 20 mm
-Size 2: 33 x 25 mm
And it has an excellent resolution: 20 lp/mm.


This is the best: a scanner can read, send to your PC and delete from itself the phosphor plates! It does this in less than 10 seconds. It is, also, plug and play: No buttons, just connect the scanner via USB to your PC.
The software used on PC is Archimed.

The phosphor plates are available in 4 sizes:
-size 0: 31 x 22 mm
-size 1: 40 x 24 mm
-size 2: 31 x 31 mm
-size 3: 54 x 27 mm

The plates can acquire around 1000 exposures and must be used easily: as X-ray film.


This is a next-generation camera, compatible with dental imaging software.
It has auto-focus, a built-in mouse, adjustable led brightness, 280° twist head, black and white function, and many others features.
It can be connected directly to a PC (the software is on a USB key in the box of the camera) or can be used with its workstation (integrated software).


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