1 April 2021


5 points to better understand our philosophy.

Simplicity: “the quality of being easy to understand or to do”. Also “the quality or condition of being uncomplicated in form or design”.

Simplicity is a key concept in our philosophy. Simple&smart’s dental units are all this, and more. They are simple…not only in the design, but also in their installation, maintenance, assistance and cost!

We would like to share with you 5 points that we think distinguish Simple & Smart from other companies in the dental market.

1. Cost – low

S&S likes to simplify the costs where possible. Dental units are very simple machines, which need air and water to work properly. Reducing electronic components is smart, avoiding exceeding unnecessary costs for maintenance.
Our Company is based on a simple concept: good quality product with a low cost of maintenance.

2. Electronic – less

As already mentioned, we create our dental units with less electronic components. This means that they have fewer parts that need to be taken care of. In this way, the assistance service becomes faster and easier. The technicians can easily find the problem and they do not need specific tools for assistance.

3. Assistance – fast and reliable

We do care about our customers; we do care about offering them our time and assistance at any time of the day. Simple & Smart likes to improve every day, we thank our customer for the trust and the understanding they put in our brand.

4. Philosophy – simple and smart

We are a dynamic and young Company with values. It is very important for us to explain to our customers that our work is based on a philosophy. We want to bring a new concept in the dental units’ market, something different, something smart. We reduce what is useless and improve what is necessary. Simplicity is what makes us different, in our product and in our behavior. We like to be concrete and professional, in our work and in relationships with our Customers, Suppliers and co-workers. Take a look at our Company page to learn more about us.

5. Marketing – growth

An important factor in our daily growth is marketing. We like to invest time in social media; we live in the present and the future of marketing.

We keep pace with the world, sharing our daily growth and achievements. In this way, everybody can see the effort and the passion we put in our job.

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