30 January 2019

SS ONE vs SS KISS, differences between the 2 models

SS ONE vs SS KISS, which one is perfect for you? Find out the differences between the 2 models.

In this article, we would like to underline and explain the difference between the two models of dental unit we manufacture.

As you already know, our main feature that makes us different from other competitors, is the search for simplicity and the will to reduce the electronic components inside the unit; especially what, according to us, can be considered as superfluous and that can easily lead to breakdowns that means high maintenance costs.

Following this philosophy, we decided to keep the same internal system and the same functionality for both our models.

However, given the different needs of dentists, which may change from country to country, the two models present substantial differences.

We leave to the distributors and dentists the choice of the unit that best suits to ones work habits.

Let’s resume the main differences between the KISS and the ONE dental units.

  • The backrest: the KISS with a backrest that reminds the shape of a heart facilitates doctors who work mainly at 9 o’clock position. The ONE model, on the other hand, is suitable for those doctors who work at 12 o’clock.

SS KISS backrest - SS KISS schienale - SS KISS dossier - SS KISS respaldo

SS ONE backrest - SS ONE schienale - SS ONE dossier - SS ONE respaldo

  • The structure and the seat is slightly more compact in the KISS model, which also has a greater internal structural reinforcement.
  • In the top mounted versions, the instruments cordons have a wheel movement in the KISS while in the ONE the cords run inside special tubes.

KISS instrument tray 2019 - faretra KISS 2019 - plateau instruments KISS 2019 - bandeja KISS 2019

KISS instrument tray 2019 - faretra KISS 2019 - plateau instruments KISS 2019 - bandeja KISS 2019

  • The connections between the water unit and the base of the structure are internal into the KISS model, while they remain external for the ONE model.
  • The design of the water unit and the covering plastics is different for each model.
  • The KISS model can be set up and installed for left-handed doctors. The predisposition can be decided during the installation.
  • In both models, there is the option to rotate and open the water unit.

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You will be able to choose the unit most suitable for your needs.

Simple&smart offers different models of dental units, all of them designed to be simple, reliable, functional and resistant.